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BPO Minutes from 6/19 meeting

BPO minutes 6-19-18

BPO Meeting Minutes 6-19-18


Call to order-  Mark Johnston


Director’s Report-  Mr. Petek

-Heritage parade coming up Sat, June 23.  Call time 0930am.   Parade starts 1000am.

-Making plans for carwash.   Considering Sat July 14 or Sat July 28.  Will be at Hardees/ Subway.

-Made motion and motion carried to increase the Fair share to $385, starting for the 2019 season.

Cost increase is due to increased contest fees and increased supply costs.

-Motion made and motion carried to explore a potential trip to Washington DC for Veteran’s Day of 2019.   Would be a 3-4 day trip, costing around $800 per person.   Would be a good recruiting tool for future  bandmembers.     Mr. Petek will work toward approval from the school board.

-Plans to come in the future,  for celebration of the 50th anniversary of HNHS in 2019.


Secretary’s Report-   No minutes to review this meeting.


Treasure’s Report-  Carmin Johnston

-Reviewed budget for the upcoming season.   Fair Share money slow to come in, but should pick up now that marching season has begun.

-Working on band card participants.   Hope to have everything finalized in the next 1-2 weeks so cards can be printed.

-Looking at upcoming fundraisers.   First will be Rise-n-Roll.

-Band members will again staff the garbage patrol at the 4H fair this year as an individual fundraiser.

-Hoping to purchase plumes this year for $3000.

-In savings for uniforms:  $10,200.  In savings regular 1,203.74.   In checking $6095.40


Vice President’s Report-  Bridgett Powell

-Signing up for committees.   Need to work on recruitment,  and passing on the information from the current leaders to the next generation over this season.


President’s Report- Mark Johnston

-Letter has been sent to the school corporation regarding the trailer damage and the repairs still needed.

-Prop committee will be starting soon.

-Need a place to store the supplies that are in the trailer.


Meeting adjourned.

Graduation and a note from Mr. Petek

353 members of the Class of 2018

Audrey Marjamaa Valedictorian speech — telling a story of her “most embarrassing moment” during a marching band competition.

We are proud to announce that, after multiple rounds of auditions, that senior Emily Paulette has been accepted into the United States Marine Band.

And end of the year letter from Mr. Petek