Call for HELP! … and an update

Clothes Rack Trailer.jpgCall for assistance!!
Good progress has been made thanks to some Band Parents. We now have uniform racking installed in the 28′ trailer, with hat storage, and shoe storage for every member participating in the show season. Now (THIS WEEK) we badly need to get the shoe boxing painted and the trailer walls behind the racks sealed; along with final repair and repainting of the equipment carts. Carmin and I will again be in the West lot of the school for the to take a trailer to the football game se projects on Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 till 6:30 or later. Please come- Bring a paint brush if you can- I promise no working on ladders.
Friday- Arrangements have been made for me to pick up the transport vehicle to take a trailer to the football game for the band. Also the Hamburger Sales start that night, so if you have volunteered for that or want to- Please show up at the football field before 5:00 if you can (So we can get the grills going and warmed. Pit Crew- We need you Friday at the field to assist in getting podiums and equipment onto and off of the field, the van driver + 3 people can go over from the High School in the van.
Van Drivers- If you have volunteered to drive for the BPO- Please go to the transportation office on Highway 5 (across from the Airport) and get certified to drive, this week if possible!!! We will absolutely need 2 drivers for each show date. I’m triple booked now for Friday night between Pit, Driving, and Burger Cooking- HELP!
Saturday – Prop- Prop- Prop- I’ll be in the West lot of the school at 9:00 or so with saws, tool, and materials. We desperately need to get the big prop built, tested, and ready to be painted. If got the plan worked out, but we’ve not been able to advance much on getting it built. Please come and assist.
For those handy with a sewing machine- Carmin will be sewing on Guard Uniforms Tuesday and Thursday evenings 4- t0 6:30 or so. On Saturday from 10;00 till whenever she will be sewing flags for Guard. Sewing machines and people to sew are needed for all of these instances!
Mark (260)366-7959 [Teaching school from 7:30 till 3:30]
Carmin (260)358-7002 [Working at Carnes Co. 8-12:00 on Tues & Thurs

Not a school day but IS A BAND DAY!

9a-4p. Hopefully we can get some outside work done before the rain comes and then spend the afternoon on music. Weather may drive our day somewhat.

Sack lunch



Bring your OWN lunch. You will not be leaving campus. Mothers will have some pnut butter and chips for those who FORGET to take responsibility for lunch.




Under ConstructionAlso, prop construction going on. HERE was the post about that.

Prop Construction Help

Under Construction.jpgFrom Mark Johnston:
Saturday, 9:00 AM West lot at School!
Please come, bring hand tools, pry bars, & saws. There is plenty to do. I’ll be there most of the day. Come, stay as long as you want.
Last Saturday some progress was made on the clothing racks in the uniform trailer and some re arranging and cleaning accomplished in the equipment trailer. This Saturday there are a host of things tha need accomplished.
The list:
1. Prop construction
2. Clothing rack completion
3. Equipment trailer cabinet repair and construction
4. Move & tear down old uniform rolling cases
5. Pick & prep Pit equipment wagons for show season.
6. Repair wheels and tires on all rolling units for show season.