Minutes BPO Meeting 7/21/20

BPO Meeting 7-20-20

Call to order:   Matt Rupley

Director’s Report:   Mr. Petek

  • ISSMA events have been cancelled for this season. The marching band is changing our focus to  the football games and community show. There will be smaller shows on the field  before the game and at half time. 
  • The music for the show is starting to be loaded on the student’s laptops this week. 
  • The Norwell contest may still happen.  All other invitationals have been cancelled.  
  • The last marching performance this season will be at the football game on Senior Night. 
  • The band and staff are continuing the focus on mask wearing, social distancing, etc. to prevent the spread of covid.  More specifics will come regarding infection control measures at practices and at school.  
  • Make sure to wash the kid’s masks daily. 
  • Students have to attend school in the building in order to be able to participate in marching band.  
  • Let Mr. Petek know if  your child develops fever or other signs of covid. The staff is keeping track of absences both health related and otherwise. Contact Mr. Petek for how to proceed regarding quarantine for any kids with symptoms or who are covid positive. 
  • The carwash that had been scheduled for 7-25-20 has been cancelled.  Hoping to still be able to do the carwash in August.  
  • We are still hoping to participate in the band buddy gift exchange this year. More information to come on how that will be achieved with covid restrictions. 
  • We are planning on doing the locker signs for this marching season. Any interested volunteers can contact Krysti Pharoah. 
  • The larger concert  bands will be able to practice together this year. They are planning on being in a larger room like the field house. 

Secretary’s Report:    Lisa Driscoll-  Minutes to be posted on line. 

  • Hoping to have the band card submissions completed and turned in to Fredericks by 8-1-20. 

Treasure’s Report: Dawn Rupley

  • Statements will be sent out at the end of the month. 
  • 4 H fair trash pick up will be done by BPO parent volunteers this year. The proposed pick up schedule will be 2 times a day, and the volunteers will not be staying at the fair between pick ups. Any volunteers can contact Dawn and Matt Rupley. 

Vice-Preseident’s Report: Jarod Williams- nothing new to report

President’s Report: Matt Rupley

  • Items discussed during other portions of the meeting. 

Motion to adjourn.  

A message from Mr. Petek


With the announcement from ISSMA that their events are cancelled for the 2020 season, I wanted to share some thoughts and hopefully address some questions that are out there.

First off, THANK YOU all for your continued support. Whether clapping for the band at a football game, donating bottled water, buying a band card or coming to a competition… your efforts make a big difference in the lives of these ‘band kids.’ We could not do this without you, and I personally cannot thank you enough.

Secondly, due to some vague news reports, there is some confusion over ‘what’ has been cancelled. ISSMA has cancelled their sponsored events: Prelims, Regionals, Semi-State, State Finals. Marching band as an activity is NOT cancelled for 2020.

Individual schools may still host invitational competitions, pending approval from their local districts and guidance from their county health departments. We hope to participate in some of these events, providing appropriate health and safety measures are in place.

OUR COMMITMENT to LOCAL EVENTS REMAINS UNCHANGED!!! We are developing a field show for our Huntington North varsity football games and look forward to providing entertainment for our community whenever possible!

Lastly, If there is any group that can navigate the coming months and come out stronger for it, IT IS YOU!!! You have proven repeatedly that you can adapt to the situation and continue to grow. This year will be different, but IT WILL BE OURS, and–no matter what–we will do it together!


Important Announcement

Marching Vikes Members & Parents: Mr. Petek has posted an important video message in the “Announcements” section of the students’ “Marching Vikes” Canvas Page.

If your child does not yet have his or her school device, the Canvas page may be accessed here: https://hccsc.instructure.com/login/ldap

Please watch the video at your earliest convenience (4-min). We will also be sending out the Zoom Link for next Tuesday’s Band Parent Meeting within the next few days.