Supercharged 2017


Regionals Encouragement

Parentals & Bandsters. This is a week to stay positive and keep each other’s spirits high. We told the band we are going hard this week after those pesky little individual errors. Keep reminding yourselves — “It isn’t personal.” It IS necessary if we want to hit the higher threshold of Regional Gold. Keep. Getting. Better.

Gardner put the wind players under extra pressure this afternoon (blame him, not Mr. Petek) when he had part of the band “judging” another part. “Find the mistakes.” I could see and sense the pressure as they fought hard NOT to mess up in front of their peers. And you know what? IT WORKED. Apply that level of effort and focus in every run. How many points did you improve today?

The last time HN got Regional Gold was in 2009. The “Time” (sorry, that was the name of the show) before that was 2001. 8 years between 2001 and 2009. 8 years between 2009 and 2017. YOU. ARE. DUE. Be Gold Diggers.

And while you’re at it — be the first band in HN history to go to Semi-State. You deserve it — but they aren’t just going to give it to you.

And all the above applies to the groups mentioned below.

Applause to the Front Ensemble. Out of SIX judges at last week’s contest, not a single criticism of anything they did. Actually, not a single comment — but we’ll take that as a compliment. Have you noticed how many notes they have in a very short amount of time in the closer? They are doing a great job, whether or not the judges have anything to say. They are certainly doing those new instruments justice.

AND…. our Color Guard. Can you say “WINDY” at Homestead. They fought flags wrapping around them from the wind…. and that tendency for anything released vertically to go horizontally in the air. As I’ve watched these girls work, I am significantly impressed with their work ethic…..ALL OF THEM. Watch them and be impressed. I mean….for example… many of you can get up off the ground the way they do at the beginning of the opener?