Band Schedule for Friday Community Performance

Schedule for Friday



Most people have never seen and have no idea how much work goes into a marching band show. But YOU know….. and we appreciate your support.

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Thanks to whoever is in charge of the Jefferson Street school sign.

Wednesday at the end of rehearsal, Mr. G shared some candy with the band as part of his birthday celebration. The #1 question was,

….so how old ARE you?

His response….. count the candles…


join-a-drum-corpsDrum Corps Auditions are around Thanksgiving for NEXT year. Here’s a guide to auditioning – from DCI: VIEW ARTICLE.


Misc updates and Reminders

Put This on your Calendar

The BPO Minutes for September and October are posted HERE!

Instrumentalists will be playing at the Sectional Football game on 10/28. We will be playing pep band music from the stands – no halftime show.

Dave Brunner announces the date of the next Dan’s Fish Fry is Feb 11th. That has been added to the band calendar.

ATTENTION CHAPERONES / FOOD & PIT-CREWS: ISSMA will allow ONLY ONE CAR (staff car) to park with the buses. We are taking TWO buses and you are welcome to ride with us (those involved in the above). If you drive, you will have to use the SPECTATOR parking.

Mr. Petek has posted to Canvas a MB rehearsal on Thur, 11/3 from 3:45-5p to practice for the Veteran’s Parade on Saturday, 11/5. This will be the only after school rehearsal for this weekend parade.

Also that the Band Banquet will be Tue, 11/8 at 6:30pm (that is a CHANGE from the original 7p time announced) in the HNHS Cafeteria.

We are planning a white bus trip to Quinlan & Fabish (Music Store) in Fort Wayne after school on 11/1. We will be posting a sign up soon. Note that, because of a new policy that will charge us for mileage, 1) there will be a ‘gas fee’ — guessing $5 or less, and 2) music and supplies will need to be purchased by the students/parents. There are not sufficient funds for the band to purchase solo/ensemble music.


Several links in THIS POST, including the sign-ups for Baked Goods for Friday and food/snacks for Saturday.

Check Canvas and Online Calendars regularly. Notify a director if you find something incorrect or not updated.

KEEP POSTING / SHARING about the Community Show Friday:


Blog Post that includes the Shuttle Launch and Reagan voice-overs we use in the show.


“Challenger” – Experience it Oct 21


Music, Voice Over and Show Design by Michael Petek
Drill Design by Jon Bay
Color Guard Choreography by Rachel Cook
Percussion Score by Josh Schneider
Prop Design & Construction by Band Boosters

Michael Petek, Director of Bands
John Gardner, Assistant Director
James Court, Music and Marching
Doug McElhaney, Music and Marching
Matt Walter, Music and Marching
Rachel Cook, Colog Guard
Alex Walters, Percussion
Grant Ebert, Student Teacher
Russell Degitz, HNHS Principal


It is fitting to design a show about the Challenger Shuttle disaster on this, the 30th year anniversary. Like other major events; Pearl Harbor, President Kennedy Assassination, 9-11… people old enough to remember know exactly where they were and how they heard about Challenger. 

Several judges from our competitions this Fall have mentioned their recollections and emphasized the “emotional” component of this show. They compliment the respectful and appropriate presentation of the story.

The show’s major components are called “Lift Off”, “Malfunction” and “Pioneers”.

Lift Off

Prior to the Opener, the audience hears sounds from both the Shuttle launch command center and President Reagan:

Lift-Off <===LISTEN

At this point the band positions around the Challenger for “Lift Off”.

As the opener begins, the countdown is presented, timed so that the band turns around to face the audience for the first time — and the Lift Off theme is introduced:

Count Down <===LISTEN


About two minutes into the show, as it was about two minutes into the flight, suddenly a huge bass drum and gong hit symbolize the explosion.

“Obviously a major  Malfunction” <===LISTEN

The band turns again in the area of the shuttle, scattering like the pieces we saw on TV, and pointing upward as the front ensemble and drumline play under the announcement about the “major malfunction”.

The minor and somber middle section of the show reflect the reaction and response.


“They were pioneers” <===LISTEN

But then, in his address to the nation, President Reagan called the Challenger 7 “Pioneers”, and the third section of the show is an upbeat, almost celebratory representation of a nation going forward after disaster.

And then, after a final portion from the president’s speech,…

“…to touch the face of God.” <===LISTEN

…the show concludes with a “tag” that pays respect before bringing back the faster, happier lift off theme.

The band invites the community to a presentation and performance of “Challenger” on Friday, October 21st, at 6:00pm at Kriegbaum Field.